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Business Introduction

Welcome to Wing Fung Hong. Wing Fung Hong was established in 1952 as one of the earliest rice traders in Hong Kong.

It is operated by Wing Fung Cheung Company Limited, and specializes in rice import (with 3% import quota under the old quota system), wholesale and retail business for more than half a century. Since the opening of the Hong Kong rice market in 2003, our business strategy has brought in more brands that are popular in Hong Kong among Michelin Star restaurants and premium clubs, like "Comfort Brand Thai Jasmine Rice," "Golden Cow Thai Jasmine Rice," "Golden Star Cambodian Rice," and "Five Goats Brand Thai Alpine Hom Mali Rice". Our business focus is to retain trust from customers and suppliers about product quality and genuineness. Wing Fung Hong is also a wholesaler for the Golden Phoenix Hom Mali Rice, Red Chrysanthemum Hom Mali Rice, Qing Ling Zhi Hom Mali Rice from Thailand, and the Double Ram Calrose Rice from Australia. 


In 2014, our business was awarded the internationally recognized ISO9001 certification for safety, monitoring and management systems. Our business mission to Hong Kong citizens is to get you the rice you like most to have at home and in your favourite restaurants. The best quality rice provided by the most convenient and affordable delivery service at the cheapest prices is what this online rice market and logistics platform aim to provide. We will aim to serve our customers with satisfaction.

In 2020, our business launched its first online and logistics service platform to sell rice to households who purchase for retail usage (package of down to 5kg) and arranged for delivery across Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, without going through any other retailers or distributors. Our platform will deliver the goods directly to the residents from the rice storage warehouse of those rice stockholders with proper licenses, and which are highly recognized by Wing Fung Hong for their product quality, with our own logistics team.

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