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Supply of rice

Wing Fung Hong is one of the oldest rice wholesalers in Hong Kong. We have long history in dealing with other importers in the wholesale market. As a result, we have access to all importers (besides for self-use) of rice in Hong Kong. What this means is that you can always rely on us to provide your rice through this online shop.

Direct from the importers' warehouse

All importers or rick stockholders in Hong Kong are required to register with Trade & Industry Department ("TID") in Hong Kong and keep their imported inventory in rice storage places that are approved by TID. Wing Fung Hong delivers directly the rice to you from their storage places. This means you are buying directly importer's products through us. .

Delivery Service

We charge the delivery fee based on how much weight of rice you buy and not by the amount of money you have spent!

The more you buy, the less you pay for the quoted delivery fee.

For orders that are twenty-five kilogram or more, we offer free delivery to you door in Hong Kong and Kowloon

(This is the wholesale market standard!), and for ten Hong Kong dollars in the New Territories.

For orders that are fifteen kilogram, we deliver to your door for twenty Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong and Kowloon, and thirty Hong Kong dollars in the New Territories.

For order that are below fifteen kilogram, we deliver to your street address. We offer down to 12 Hong Kong dollars of delivery fee for group share delivery to those customers who order for packages that are smaller than fifteen kilogram together. If there is one or more customer in the building

you live ordering within the same week, (Make sure you ask them if they are ordering rice this week in the elevator or corridor before

you place your order!), we will charge each of you less for the delivery by issuing you digital coupons to be used for future payments!

So if you do order rice regularly, pick the brand you like, find some neighbours to order within the same week, and pay less for the delivery! The lowest delivery fee for now we can offer is twelve Hong Kong dollars for a bag that is up to and including 5 kilogram, and there needs 6 orders within the same building in the same week.

Households with domestic helpers


If your household has domestics helpers, and you think it takes too long or too burdensome for her to either walk to or take a vehicle to the supermarket to pick up a bag of rice, ask her to see if there are other neighbours in your building or neighbourhood social media group who would like to order together. Or, you check with your neighbours and friends in the same building.

Domestics helpers


If you are the domestic helper, ask your boss first before you decide to use this service rather than going to the supermarket to pick up the bag of rice. If you have other domestic helpers in your same building who like to order together, make sure all your bosses agree. Then, seek out other neighbours, pass them the website link, set up an account with your own emails.

There is manual payment option besides the other payment options as shown on the home page. Make the order and choose manual payment at checkout if other payment methods using online payment service or payment gateway are not convenient for you.

Make the money transfer to our bank account and you are all set.

Households not in a building with neighbours or in a building with fewer than 6 neighbours

You can seek those neighbours in your neighbourhood as long as their house or building is within 50 metres of distance. You can check with us with the addresses of your neighbourhood to see if you are qualified for lower delivery fee and you and your neighbours order in the same week before you leave the order online.

Workers who are not at home when the delivery arrives

If you work, and are not available at home when normally we deliver, you can choose to instruct us to leave the bag with your chosen neighbour (please provide unit and floor number), the building's security guard, management office, concierge or a place where you can safely pickup the bag of rice when you return home. We will rely on your chosen personnel to sign for your delivery receipt. In the case where absolutely no one can help you, and that you still like to try to order from us, we will deliver the bag (s) to your door (15kg bag or above) or to your building entrance (less than 15kg bag), stapled the receipt to your bag(s), take a photo of the delivered goods and send to your chat in the mobile app as confirmation (whether you reply or not to confirm).  Please make sure you are comfortable with the arrangement before you decide to order with us. Read the terms and conditions carefully to understand before you order.

Customers living in outlying islands

We apologize that currently we cannot deliver to your street address or door. We can only deliver to the Pier when you take the ferry in Central. But you would enjoy the low delivery fee as long as your find friends or neighbours who order in the same week and shared the same ferries from Central. Please take note of the specific time of pickup each day.


You are all welcomed to order online and we can deliver to your hotels. If you are on the way to China going thru the Luohu or Huanggang border, we can deliver to close to the border for you to pick up the delivery. Due to the regulation of Hong Kong, each person can only take up to 15kg of rice through customs.

How do we confirm the delivery date?

Customers who book online (until 4pm on the same day) will be dispatched on the following 2nd to the 8th working day after the order is received by us, except public holidays, a day that is not a working day for the wholesale market (see Terms and Conditions for definition) or typhoon signal No. 8 or above. Our customer service will contact you two days before delivery by chat in the mobile app or phone for confirmation of the delivery date. Please make sure you download the mobile app after you check out or you leave a phone number before you check out.

How do we schedule our delivery for the different customers living in different districts or neighborhoods?


We receive online orders in real time, but we only look at the orders twice a day: when we come in to work at 9:30 am and at 4:00pm before we leave work. We look at where the customers want us to deliver to, then we allocate those addresses which are close together on the same vehicle based on the day in the Delivery Schedule in the Terms and Conditions at the time of your order. The way you read the Delivery Schedule is to identify the smallest district, sub-districts, neighbourhood, specific street or building address that is in the table and the day in the week indicated in the table is the Scheduled Delivery day for you if you order at that time. Please take note of the updated time and date of the Delivery Schedule and Terms and Conditions when you order.

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