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Replacement & Refund Policy
1.    You or your designated recipient (“the recipients”) of the delivered products must check and inspect the conditions of the products delivered immediately at the time of delivery, in physical condition, or in the photo image of the delivered product if you only see the delivered product in email or your chat in the App. If there is any defect in the packaging of the products upon delivery (namely, that the plastic-bag packaging is torn or the nylon-bag packaging is water-stained) and you would like to make a claim for refund or replacement of the defective products, please call our customer service hotline at +852 2845 7623 immediately and arrangement would be made subject to the terms of this Replacement and Refund Policy.  
2.    To cancel the order, or to change the delivery address for the delivery after the Delivery Confirmation, please contact our Customer Service by phone, latest by 48 hours before the Scheduled Delivery Day as specified below in Terms of Delivery.

3.    Refund request will only be accepted under incidents set out in Clauses 1 and 2 above under this Replacement and Refund Policy.
4.    Refund under this policy will be in cash or credited to your payment account (credit card, debit card, bank account or PayPal BUT NOT the account used for Alipay) designated in your order with us.  Refund will be arranged through the respective payment service providers, or our bilateral arrangement upon your request by email or by phone, and the time to refund will depend on their processing of the refund request, and can be up to thirty working days.  
5.    Our rice products are supplied from our suppliers and are normally packaged in sealed plastic bags or nylon bags. We understand that due to climate changes and other environmental factors, there may be times when “rice bugs” or Sitophilus oryzae may be found in some rice products. We may not be aware of the presence of these rice bugs at the time of delivery.  As part of our customer services for you, we would offer replacement of the rice products which come in nylon packaging bags (not plastic bags) if there are “rice bugs” or Sitophilus oryzae water stains or mold found once the packaging bag is opened.  These requests would only be accepted by phone (+852 2845 7623), or by email (, within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery.  Replacement of products are only available when valid original receipt, or its image, together with photos of the products are provided.    We reserve our right to refuse any replacement request if there are reasonable doubts as to the conditions of the products and/or the original receipts. 
6.    Unless otherwise stated, replacement is also applicable to products which have been expired at the time of delivery.  
7.    We reserve our right to refuse any refund/replacement request and our decisions are final and binding.

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