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Price and Payment

1.    All prices and delivery fees shown on our Platform are in Hong Kong dollars.
2.    We will use our reasonable commercial efforts to keep the information about our products and the prices up to date on our Platform.  We reserve our right to amend and update such information from time to time without prior notice to you. You agree to purchase the products at prices as shown at the time when the orders are submitted through our Platform. 
3.    We will make every effort to ensure products displayed on our Platform are in stock. If from time to time products become out of stock, we reserve the right to offer alternative product/s to you of similar value and style.
4.    The products displayed on our Platform, their prices and related delivery or self-pickup service may vary with those offered for sale via the wholesale (+852 2548 1616) or retail (+852 2845 7623) hotline, or when you visit our shop in Western District.  
5.    We accept Manual Payment (as defined below), and payment through
credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit cards, Alipay and PayPal for any order except subscription orders. We only accept credit cards or PayPal for subscription orders. The availability of the payment choices will be automatically shown on our Platform on the Check Out page.  When you place an order, you authorize us to debit the account/credit card/debit card you specify the amount of the order at the time we accept your order. Title and risk to the products shall pass to you upon delivery. It is your responsibility to provide the up-to-date and correct card payment and personal information in any of your online payment account or wallet. Failure to debit from your account means your order is not placed with us. Payment account or wallet with outdated information may delay or prevent us to provide the product and service to you.
6.    For payment by bank deposit in cash, cheque or any bank transfer from your bank, in one or more lump sums, via ATM machine or through any online money transfer platform off our Platform (collectively, “
Manual Payment”), an image (or images for more than one lump sum) of the bank deposit, bank transfer slip confirmation, or online payment transfer confirmation has to be provided to us by email, or chat in the App, before we can confirm the order placed by Manual Payment. After verifying receipt of the full and correct payment, delivery or self-pickup will be arranged. A 3% discount off the listed price of product and delivery fee (if any), rounded up to the cent or dollar, applies to any order and purchase using Manual Payment. It is your responsibility to calculate the correct amount. No refund will be made for any overpayment.  An overpayment is not subject to the Replacement and Refund Policy.
7.    All listed prices of the products include various fees charged by various third-party payment service providers.  
8.    We use third party payment gateways to process some online payment transactions if you choose to pay by PayPal, or any credit cards, debit cards or AliPay via Stripe (each a “
Payment Gateway”).  When you place an order with us using a Payment Gateway, you agree and authorize us to pass your information to these third parties to process your order and payment request. Payment Gateways have employed their own security measures (including Transport Layer Security technology with PCI DSS Level security certification) on processing and handling your information and we are not in control of such measures. You agree that your personal data may also be transferred outside Hong Kong for such purposes. You also agree that you accept the responsibilities for any losses which may arise during the processing of the online payment transactions and will not hold us liable for any losses.  
9.    The minimum amount of payment for any single order or transaction made on our Platform is Fifty Hong Kong Dollars (HK$50.00).  We will not accept any order for amount less than the said minimum. Any payment made for such an order is not subject to the Replacement and Refund Policy.
10.    Original receipt and delivery note for your order will be issued and presented to you upon delivery or self-pickup of the products.  It is your responsibility to check if the information contained in these documents are correct. Original invoice may be issued upon request made by phone at 852 2845 7623 or by email to prior to delivery arrangement. 
11.    We reserve the right to change the price and payment terms without prior notice.
12.    We offer delivery services of products ordered through our Platform. Delivery services are subject to Terms of Delivery.  Please read these terms carefully.  We would take reference to the Hong Kong Government’s division of the districts in the “
Hong Kong Island”, “Kowloon” and the “New Territories”.  We have the absolute discretion on the categorization of any street address to any one of these three regions. 
13.    We would use our reasonable commercial efforts to deliver our products to you.  However, there may be delays or cancellation of the delivery due to bad weather conditions, traffic conditions or unavailability of delivery vehicles or personnel or any other situations beyond our control.  We shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered as a result.  We reserve our right to cancel or rearrange the delivery. 
14.    All orders and purchases are subject to our Replacement and Refund Policy.  Please read them carefully.

Digital Coupon and Promo Code

1.      We may, from time to time, issue Digital Coupons for use with any purchase of products or services offered on our Platform. The use of Digital Coupons is subject to the terms and conditions stated on these coupons and those on our Platform.

2.     You need to have an existing User Account with our Platform to use the Promo Code shown on the Digital Coupon for purchase on the My Cart page or the Checkout page on the Platform.

3.     Promo Codes cannot be applied to previously placed orders.

4.     Only one Promo Code can be used for any purchase order.

5.     To apply a Promo Code, you must enter it on the My Cart page or the Checkout page prior to completing the order. The Promo Code only works if it is applied before its expiry date and the terms and conditions are complied with.

6.     The Digital Coupons and Promo Codes are not transferable, not for resale or refund, and not redeemable for cash or credit.

7.     A Digital Coupon or a Promo Code is personal to its holder and transmission of copy or copies of the Digital Coupons or sharing of the Promo Codes to other persons for use are strictly prohibited. Such copy or copies or sharing of the Promo Codes are considered as abuse of the use of the Digital Coupons or the Promo Codes and we shall have the right to refuse or reject any relevant purchase orders. Our decision in this regard is final and binding.

8.     We have the right to discontinue or cancel at any time any promotion in relation to the use of any Digital Coupons or Promo Codes without prior notice.

How do I use a Promo Code on

1.    When you make a successful order together with the Neighbor Customers (defined below), you will be eligible to receive a percentage of the delivery fee as a digital cashback coupon with a promo code for your next order on You may enter the promo code during checkout of your next order and the coupon amount will be deducted from the purchase sum of your next order.
2.    Your cashback coupon will be credited to your account on the working day after your order was delivered and not replaced.
3.    Orders that are cancelled are not eligible for cashback coupon.
4.    Your cashback coupon can be applied to your next eligible order during checkout.
5.    Your cashback coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions, or vouchers.
6.    Your cashback coupon will be valid for 2 calendar months after the date of the eligible order.
7.    Your cashback coupon is not exchangeable for cash and are not liabilities owed to you by Wing Fung Hong or any vendors on the platform.
8.    Wing Fung Hong reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice, including without limitation the percentage of the delivery fee for cashback voucher.
9.    Wing Fung Hong reserves the right to terminate this program at any time.
10.    In case of disputes, Wing Fung Hong shall have the right of final decision on the use and entitlement of any cashback voucher.

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