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Subscription Plan

1.    At Wing Fung Hong, we use our best efforts in sourcing good quality rice to better serve our customers. We therefore offer certain products with a one-time purchase and a subscription option (“Subscription Plan”). You will be able to enjoy a stable and steady supply of good quality rice of your choice without the need to place a new order through our Platform.
2.    Subscription Plan is not offered for all products.  You may choose the Subscription Plan if it is shown to be an option for the specific product on the product page on our Platform.  
3.    The Subscription Plan is on monthly basis for a maximum of 3 consecutive calendar months.  If you choose the Subscription Plan for your selected product(s),  you authorize us to charge the listed price of the product(s) you have selected and the required delivery fee per delivery to the same location, if any, (“
Subscription Fee”) at the time you place the first order under the Subscription Plan.   The ordered products will be delivered to you under the Terms of Delivery below.  
4.    Priority for future stock supplies is given to orders placed under Subscription Plan.  
5.    In the subsequent month(s) until expiry of your subscription, our system will regenerate an order with your same personal information for the same product(s) and at the same price(s) and required delivery fees as in the same order you have placed in the first month.  
6.    Payment for a Subscription Plan must be made using credit cards or PayPal.  The same Subscription Fee will be
automatically charged on monthly basis from your credit card or PayPal account until your subscription expires.  Delivery of the subscribed products will be arranged upon completion of each payment and is subject to the Terms of Delivery. It is your responsibility to keep the card payment and personal information up to date until the subscription expires or terminates.
7.    You may choose to purchase under our Subscription Plan again after expiry or termination of your subscription but the Subscription Fee will be subject to change depending on the price(s) of the products as available at the time when you subscribe again.
8.    You may terminate your subscription anytime by giving us a prior seven working days written notice to be sent by email to  Termination will not be effective until you receive our confirmation by email, and the decision on acceptance of your termination is at our sole discretion.  Upon termination of your subscription, no priority will be given to your future orders of the products.   
9.    Any order made under the Subscription Plan (the first order and the subsequent repeated orders) are subject to these Terms and Conditions, including the Price and Payment and Terms of Delivery rules as set out below.

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